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(Hrvatski) Romantičan vikend Valentinova

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24 Ноя

(English) Promotional offer

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27 Июн

Resort Čiže offers perfect camping spots

Fresh mountain air, breathtaking scenery of pure nature with a natural creek, surrounding forest with variety of different trees and other plant life, peace, quiet and the company only you picked out. That's only a part of the offer included in one of the camping spots of Resort Čiže. (далее…)


20 Июн

His majesty, the great White Truffle

Istria is the natural home of Tuber Magnatum Pico, a variety of white truffle that can be found only in several locations around the world. Truffles were first found in the region surrounding Motovun forest 80 years ago and they soon became one of the biggest attractions and symbols of Istria. Many tourists and locals enjoy gastronomical pleasures of this spectacular tuberous delicacy as well as organized truffle hunts with experts and trained dogs. The season of white truffle starts in September and lasts until January and during that period a lot of truffle pickers gather for one of many truffle events and manifestations quite close to Resort Čiže. (далее…)

Pula Airport Resort Čiže

13 Июн

Close to Pula Airport

Resort Čiže is also close to one of the modern Istrian airports, Pula Airport, which transports over 400,000 passengers every year. You can get there in just about half an hour if you go by car and be connected to almost every major destination in Europe. (далее…)


06 Июн

Pure nature of Motovun and its famous forest

Many of the guests staying at Resort Čiže often take a trip to Motovun which is only a 15 minutes' drive away. Motovun is a small Croatian medieval town located on the hill, with 1052 stairs leading to the top. It became famous for its outstanding natural surrounding, interesting historic heritage and exceptional cultural and social events such as Motovun film festival and festival of Terran and truffles. (далее…)


30 Май

Take a trip to one of the amazing Water Parks in the nearby area

Istralandia and Aquacolors aquaparks are main water attractions in Istria and favorite amusement parks for family trips and vacations. Both aquaparks are located quite near the Čiže resort and it takes just about 30 minutes of driving to get there. 



23 Май

Authentic Istrian wine and liqueurs

Istria is well known as the region of hard working people, beautiful nature and extraordinary wine. Long tradition of wine-making combined with indigenous sorts of high quality grapes and specific coastal climate is what makes Istrian wines slightly different and more exciting from all others. (далее…)


17 Май

5 Attractions of Central Istria you must see

Central Istria is a rare Mediterranean region that boasts the quality of untouched landscapes and the wealth of heritage. Besides numerous natural beauties, this region is rich in many cultural attractions. We bring you 5 sights you must see.