Walking in Green Oasis of Istria

Istria is known for its rich and varied tourist offer, so also walking lovers have many options on picturesque paths. When that healthy activity is connected with the pleasures of natural, cultural and historical beauty, then it is complete a experience.

You can hike in the summer, but even more in spring and autumn as well as in winter because of Mediterranean climate. Hiking and hiking paths in central Istria are typically marked with mountain hiking marks (a white dot with a red border) and some paintings also with marks that shows alternative directions.

Most of the paths were designed and marked by members of the Mountaineering Society Pazinka from Pazin town, on the occasion of 125 years of organized hiking in Pazin and Istria.

Below, we bring you the most attractive, the most prosperous paths and closest to the Resort Čiže.


Pazin – Beram – Pazin – 13 km, circular, marked

The path from Pazin to Beram across the Gortanov hill is marked in full length with markings 611. However, part of the field marks have been destroyed in the meantime so we recommend you to follow the red – white mountaineering marks to return to Pazin or to use GPS navigation.


Footpath Pazin pit – 1.3 km, marked

The walking path Pazin pit is 1300 m long and starts at bridge Vršić near castle in Pazin and leads you through a natural canyon to the shores of Pazinčica.

Then it ascends to the gentle serpentines to the “Pyramid” cottage and then to the terrace of the Hotel Lovac, from where it offers an unforgettable panoramic view. The path is equipped with multilingual leaflets that provide additional explanations about the phenomenon of rubble, hydrography, plant world, sinks, legends, explorations and brave explorers.

Path to Pazin roof – 2 km, circular, unmarked

Only 500 meters away from the Pazin Castle there is the Pazin waterfall. Before the last house in the right street, in the Prilaz Castle, splits the macadam path that leads to the Pazinčica valley in the north. On maps its often marked as the Roman Way. After a hundred meters, at the lowest point of the road is splitted to the left through the forests that will lead you straight to waterfall.

Over Pazin hills– 14 km, circular, marked

The path “Over Pazin hills” leads from Pazin to Gortanov hill and continues north – at the top of the hills surrounding the Pazin valley, and circling over Bani and Dusan villages returns to Pazin. Combined with path Pazin – Beram – Pazin route can be shortened or extended.

Pazin mountain path – about 50 km, marked

Pazin mountain route leads from Pazin, via Grdosela, Grimalde, Poljanica, Lupoglava to the Great Planika, the highest peak of Ćićarija, where it connects with the Istrian mountain path, which leads to Vojak – the highest peak of Učka. It is marked by red – white mountaineers marks, and PPP tags.

Petra Fraščić Path – 10 km, a circular, unmarked light footpath suitable for rainy weather, and sightseeing of Lindar.

In the area of central Istria you will see a lot of long paths: the Parenzana hiking path -the path of health and friendship, the footpath of Saint Zenon near Brtonigla, the footpath of St.Šimun – Gračišće, hiking path Grdoselo – Zelengrad, footpath of suhozida- Kringa, the hiking path Buzet-Kotli-Hum-Buzet, the footpath of the Venetian lion near Višnjan, educational path Plas – Nature Park Učka, walking path of Vela Draga and pedestrian path Korita….

For more information visit  http://www.central-istria.com/hr/aktivnosti-activities/pjesacenje-walking

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