Pure nature of Motovun and its famous forest

Many of the guests staying at Resort Čiže often take a trip to Motovun which is only a 15 minutes’ drive away. Motovun is a small Croatian medieval town located on the hill, with 1052 stairs leading to the top. It became famous for its outstanding natural surrounding, interesting historic heritage and exceptional cultural and social events such as Motovun film festival and festival of Terran and truffles.

What makes this region specific is the unusual location “where hill and river meet forest” and the unique microclimate which provided ideal habitat for many extraordinary animal and plant species to grow in symbiosis.

Motovun forest, stretching alongside the river of Mirna, is the last preserved Mediterranean forest of common oak, elm and narrow-leaved ash. Besides variety of trees, it is also the world’s largest natural habitat of Tuber Magnatum Pico, one of the most valuable truffles. Truffle hunts often attract many guests who like a little bit of adventure and of course, have taste for one of most valuable culinary delicacies.

motovunforrestMotovun and its forest will provide you with breathtaking sights on every turn and enable you to bond with nature and enjoy your fresh air in peace and quiet. Since Motovun is located on a hill with 1052 stairs leading up to the top, you’ll be able to enjoy picturesque view of surrounding vineyards and balloons flying over your head. Again, favorable microclimate is the one enabling balloons to fly easily all year long so there are several ballooning events taking place in Motovun.

Whether you are on a “truffle quest”, balloon ride, or you simply want to rest your mind in nature, Motovun is the right place for you!

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