Parenzana – invaluable treasure of Istrian history

Active vacation is the goal of a modern tourist and it places ever increasing demands on

the contemporary tourist market. Istria is a true paradise for lovers of nature, exploration,

desirable adrenaline excitement, but also for hedonists who enjoy good food and quality


Resort Čiže, situated in the very center of Istria, near Trviž, has an ideal location for

exploring the entire peninsula. It offers first and foremost the peace, the beautiful nature

and the top gastronomy, which is a great starting point for small expeditions through


We are especially proud of the ever growing interest of cyclists and recreational tourists,

because of the most famous Istrian bicycle trail, Parenzana, that is from the resort just ten

minutes away by car.

Parenzana was a narrow-gauge railway of 123 km long, which was transported between

Poreč and Trieste in the early 20th century, passing through 33 places in the interior of

Istria. At that time, it had a tremendous economic significance because all the products,

from oil, wine, salt, stone, wood and coal to Trieste, were transported to it, and from there

to Europe.

At the beginning of this century, the Istrian part of Parenzana was restored and turned

into an extremely attractive sports and recreational trail. Suitable for hikers, hikers and

cyclists, it offers an unforgettable experience of Istria.

They say this is a thin twisting thread that connects many sights of Istria and passes

through a fairy-tale full of olive groves and vineyards, joining numerous hills crowned with

medieval fortresses. The real tourist attractions are stone bridges, viaducts and tunnels,

an integral part of the former railway track.

The easiest way to reach Parenzana from the Resort Čiže is via the main road to Motovun,

in just a ten-minute car ride. The tour of this most beautiful medieval town in Istria is the

right prize at the very beginning.

In Motovun you can leave car and enjoy Parenzana walking or cycling. The first stock is

to Vižinada and is called Path of Veli Jože. On this tour runs also tourist train. It is

necessary to stop in the place Špinovci, where you can refresh, taste Istrian specialties,

but also enjoy the socializing with domestic animals: goats, cows, thighs, hens and

dummies, which is equally happy both adults and children.

The trail further leads to Vižinada, and who wants to continue to Grožnjan, then to the

north and somewhat longer the trail returns to Motovun. The whole route is decorated,

marked with signs and safe. Protective fences have been installed on more dangerous

locations via viaducts and bridges.

The touristic train in pre – season and post season (1.5 – 30.06 / 1.9 – 30.11) goes from

Motovun on Thursdays and Fridays at 2.30 pm and on Saturdays at 2.00 pm, while other

days by arrangement for groups of more than 15 people. In the season (1.7.-30.08.)the

train runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 14h, Thursday and Friday at 15h, while

Saturday runs at 14h. Mondays and Sundays are served by arrangement for groups of

more than 15 people. For more information, visit!

Finally we will quote the slogan of the Croatian Tourist Board: “Do not spend days in life,

fill days with life” and add: visit Parenzana !!!

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