28 Dec

Leisure homes

Our leisure homes are fully equipped! They are very comfortable and there is room for up to 6 people. They contain seperate rooms including a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms and a small toilet. We will only ever offer you the best accommodation that we have available!

14 Apr


Istria is our largest peninsula, whose coastline is about 445 km long, and the sea can be reached in half an hour from anywhere inside of Istria, which is therefore very favorable for tourism. One of the attraction is true beauty and mild Mediterranean climate. (more…)

21 Apr

Parenzana – invaluable treasure of Istrian history

Active vacation is the goal of a modern tourist and it places ever increasing demands on the contemporary tourist market. Istria is a true paradise for lovers of nature, exploration, desirable adrenaline excitement, but also for hedonists who enjoy good food and quality wine. (more…)

02 May

Attractions of interior Istria

The pleasant and gentle Istrian climate, fresh air and many greenery simply invite everyone to enjoy the fantastic activities and attractions of the inner Istria. The interior of Istria just invites you to return to the nature in search of peace and quiet and the discovery of an unknown part of Istria. Perhaps this Green Istria is your true choice. We are bringing you only some of the attractions that are located in the inner part of the Istrian peninsula, and that are from Resort  only 10-15  minutes away by car. (more…)

10 May

Walking in Green Oasis of Istria

Istria is known for its rich and varied tourist offer, so also walking lovers have many options on picturesque paths. When that healthy activity is connected with the pleasures of natural, cultural and historical beauty, then it is complete a experience. (more…)

17 May

5 Attractions of Central Istria you must see

Central Istria is a rare Mediterranean region that boasts the quality of untouched landscapes and the wealth of heritage. Besides numerous natural beauties, this region is rich in many cultural attractions. We bring you 5 sights you must see.


23 May

Authentic Istrian wine and liqueurs

Istria is well known as the region of hard working people, beautiful nature and extraordinary wine. Long tradition of wine-making combined with indigenous sorts of high quality grapes and specific coastal climate is what makes Istrian wines slightly different and more exciting from all others. (more…)


30 May

Take a trip to one of the amazing Water Parks in the nearby area

Istralandia and Aquacolors aquaparks are main water attractions in Istria and favorite amusement parks for family trips and vacations. Both aquaparks are located quite near the Čiže resort and it takes just about 30 minutes of driving to get there.