Close to Pula Airport

Resort Čiže is also close to one of the modern Istrian airports, Pula Airport, which transports over 400,000 passengers every year. You can get there in just about half an hour if you go by car and be connected to almost every major destination in Europe.

Pula Airport has regular flight connections with the biggest cities including Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, London, Manchester, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, Zurich as well as many other destinations around European region. Since it is able to land large aircrafts like Boeing 747, airport in Pula lands planes from respectable air-line companies such as Ryanair, Lufthansa, British Airways, Easyjet, Eurowings and of course local flights of Croatia Airlines. The airport is also attractive for celebrities, businessmen and others who prefer to come to Istria with a little more privacy.

Enjoy the comfortable flights and visit Resort Čiže in Trviž, next to Pazin, Istria.

Pula Airport is close to Resort Čiže
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