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The Istrian Peninsula has managed to preserve true and original natural values. The protection of such natural treasures, passed on from generation to generation, has also become an unwritten rule…

Family Fun

Find rainy day activities, and indoor and outdoor activities the whole family will love. Spend some together time with these family activities that foster sharing, learning, and fun.


The mild Istrian climate, fresh air and non-polluted sea enable athletes to practice nearly all events throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors…


Although most Istrian hotels extend their offer with diverse range of facilities including indoor pools and fitness and massages centers for resting your body as well as your soul, when it comes to wellness itself, Istria has only recently started an accelerating development of this category.


Discover the enchantments of flavour and scent of this wonderful country in which, as Cassiodorus wrote in 537, “patricians lead the lives of Gods”.